6 Stuffed Animals to Cuddle Your Way to Happiness

  • Jul 7, 2024

Almost everyone had a favorite stuffed animal growing up. They were a friend that you confided your deepest secrets to, a friend that could keep you company when thunderstorms rolled through the night, a travel companion on your biggest adventures, and they would keep the monsters away when you were sleeping.

A stuffed animal given to a child can have a profound impact on them. Firefighters, EMTs, hospitals, police officers, and CPS workers all have a need to have stuffed animals on hand! A child that has been through trauma such as being displaced from their home or in an accident needs a friend more than ever, someone who they can hold, confide in, and help ease the uncertainty and fear. A stuffed animal branded with the logo of a hospital, firehouse, EMT, or police department is a great way to bring comfort to a child, and also let them know that they always have a friend in your organization.

We picked out six stuffed animals that are perfect for cuddling when things get a little rough and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your and your client's faces. 


1. Koko Koala

Koko Koala #1251

With his friendly face, big ears, and perfectly huggable body - Koko Koala is ready to listen to your worries and hug them away! He is fully customizable with a variety of hoodies, shirts, and bandanas in a plethora of colors. 


2. Marley Dog

Marley Dog #g012-b-rd

They say man's best friend is his dog, and this little friend is no exception! Featuring a super-soft, huggable body, and classic doggy bandana, Marley is ready to join your for your biggest adventures! 


3.  Lil Possum HandfulPossum Lil' Handfull #4416Did you know that possums are super helpful for the ecosystem and for us? Yep! Their favorite snacks are ticks, keeping the dangerous Lyme's Disease from spreading to other animals including humans! Possums are nocturnal too, so this little guy is ready to help defend you from those scary monsters under your bed while you sleep. 


4. Bucky BeaverBucky Beaver #1281

Do you need a friend to help you build a pillow fort? The national animal of Canada is here to help! Beavers are great at building little forts and dams, and with a whole bunch of customizable options - this little guy is perfect for late-night fort building and movie watching. 


5. Hoot OwlHoot Owl
Need a little extra wisdom for your problems? This little Hoot Owl is perfect to bring a new light to whatever problem you're facing, he's a great listener after all! With a soft body and fuzzy little wings, he's perfect for cuddles. 


6. Plush Bear with Embroiders Paws & T-Shirt

Plush Bear #PA100

Last but certainly not least, the classic teddy bear! This little fella has a friendly little face and plush, embroidered paws perfect for squeezing so you can't go wrong with him! He is ready to chase those monsters, defend against thunderstorms, and anything else you may need him for - he's up to the challenge. 


Did you have a stuffed animal you loved growing up? To place an order for one of these furry friends, or any other animal you might be able to think about - reach out to us today. 


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